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SR Catering Product List

We have many products in stock. Here are all the main products, although we always source more products and have other brands and products in stock from time to time.

Soft Drinks

Coke Can (GB)
Coke Can (Euro)
Diet Coke (GB)
Diet Coke (Euro)
Miranda Orange
Miranda Strawberry
Pepsi (Euro)
Pepsi Max (Euro)
7UP (GB)
Rubicon Mango
Rubicon Guava
Rubicon Passion
Old Jamaican Ginger Beer
Old Jamaican Grape Soda
Old Jamacian Pineapple Soda
Rio Tropical Diet
Rio Tropical Citrus
Rio Tropical Original


Saka Water - 6x1.5 ltr
Saka Water - 2x5ltr
Saka Water - 24x500ml


Minar Basmati - 2kg
Minar Basmati - 5kg
Minar Basmati - 10kg
Minar Basmati - 20kg

Pizza Products

Pizza Sauce
Sliced Mushrooms(6)
Grated Cheese 80/20
Pizza box sizes
Tomatoes Chopped
Tomatoes Plum
Bravo Pizza Flour
As You Like It Flour

Oils & C.C.F

C.C.F Fat
KTC Veg Oil
Ktc Rapeseed Oil
Indus Sunflower Oil
Indus Corn Oil
Indus Vegetable Oil

Cleaning Products

Deepio Liquid Spray
Deepio Powder
Fabric Softner
Washing Up Liquid
Jumbo Green Pads
Jumbo Green Pad and scourer
Oven Cleaner
Eco Washing up Liquid
Eco Bleach
Blue Centre Feed Roll
White Centre Feed Roll
sooo swish Kitchen Roll
PPC Toilet Roll
Jaguar Black Bags
Fairy Original
Fairy Original
Galvanised Scrourer
Toilet Tissue
Toilet Cleaner
2 Ply Kitchen Towel
Window Cleaner
Zoflora Scent

Frozen Products

Marquies 3/8
Marquies 7/7
Marquie 9/16
Donner Meat
Chicken Meat
Beef steak Burgers(48)
Chicken Steaks (48)
Americana Seeded Buns 5''
Americana Seeded Buns 4.5''
Paragon Burgers
Danscrella cheese
Panga Fish 4.5kg
McCain Vegi Burgers
Jumbo Sausages 4's
Onion Rings case


Off Cuts 17x20 / 20x20
Grease Proof Paper 9x9
Wooden Chip Fork
Plastic Chip Fork
Banquet Roll
Chicken Boxes Sizes
Serviette pack
Portion Tubs x 100
Dart Tubs case/single
Chippy Tray
Kraft Handle Carrier Medium
Kraft Handle Carrier Large
White Carrier Bags 17x19x21
Blue Carrier Bags
Fish & Chips Carrier Bag
7"x7" grease proof bags
10"x10" grease proof bags
Brown Paper bags 10"/12"
Take-away Bags small R4
Take-away Bags Medium R8
Take-away bags Large R12
Plastic M-wave Cont c500
Plastic M-wave Cont c650
Plastic M-wave cont c1000
Chutney Cups Hinged 1oZ
Chutney Cups Hinged 2oZ
Chutney Cups Hinged 4oZ
Foil Nan/Tandoori chicken bags
Foil 12"x12" Wrap paper
Plastic Cutlery DS/KN/FO/TS
polystyrene plates 9"
polystyrene plates 7"
polystyrene Bowls 8 oZ
Drinking cups 7 oZ clear/white
Dart polystyrene cups sleeve
7 / 10 / 12 / 16 oZ, lids also available


Black Pepper Fine
Cassia Whole
Paprika Powder
Black Cardamom
Black Pepper Whole
Black Pepper Cracked
Bay Leaves
Ajwain Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Red Chilli Crushed
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
Indus Curry Leaves
Ginger Powder
Fennel Seeds
Mixed Masala Whole
Garlic Flakes
Kalonji Seeds
Kalonji Seeds
Methi Leaves (Dried)
Madras Curry Powder Mild
Indus Super Basmati
Chilli Powder
Tandoori Masala
Turmeric Powder (Haldi)


Chana Dal
Toor Dal Dry
Toor Dal Oily
Urid Dal Washed
Urid Split
Green Lentils
Brown Lentils
Moth Whole
Urid Whole Beans
Mung Beans
Yellow Split Lentils
Mung Dal Washed (Yellow)
Mung Split
Alubia (White Kidney) Beans
Black Eye Beans
Butter Beans
Chick Peas
Red Kidney Beans Yellow Split Peas
Yellow Gram (Kala Chana)

Sauces & Pickles

BBQ Sause Twin Pack
Brown Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Mint Sauce
White Vinegar
Vinegar Malt
Hot Stuff Chilli Sauce
Lemon Dressing
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Onions
KerryMaid Cheese Slices

Miscellaneous Products

Chick Peas Boiled case
Chick Peas Boiled
Indus Minced Ginger
Indus Minced Ginger & Garlic
Indus Minced Garlic

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This is most of the products we have, but there are always more products and brands that we are sourcing from time to time. So please call or check instore for further details.